Nettle bread - Pane alle ortiche - Kruh s koprivama

I have three simple wood boards that I've brought home from a local carpenter. He wanted to scrap one old long board, so I asked him to cut it in three pieces, I removed all the dirt from them and washed them with water and soap. Now I can put all the food on my boards so that after shooting that food can be eaten. Wasting food, or wasting stuff in general is something I dislike.
My wooden boards are irregular and I always have some problems to arrange them in the proper way. Under every board I have to fit pieces of cardboard or newspapers to lift them up or down. In this way I get flat and almost equal surface, but they will never be totally aligned. This is the biggest problem I have when arranging the set. All the rest is pure fun and joking with light and shadows!
My props collection is poor (don't say this to Mr. M, he definitively disagree with me!), better to say, I use poor collection of props. Glamor is not my thing, I prefer empty scene and a lot of air all around.



Carpe diem! Do it right now, before the time takes away all petals from cherry trees.
First quarter of this year ended in a heartbeat and summer heat confused the normal season exchange. Yes, summer heat, becuase last week the sun was shining so bright and the air was so hot like it happen in summertime. I miss crisp spring breeze and white and pink fruit trees vibrating and slowly losing their gentle petals. I went out to the park last sunday to take some pictures and thanks goodnes I did it. All blossoming are over already. Dense green shades have covered the very last petals and we risk to have ruby red cherries on out Easter table, cherries from our farmers, not the ones arriving from some other part of the world. I'm exaggerating a bit, but how wonderful it would be to have right seasons at right moments again.
Now it's time to be amazed by the beauty of the awakening, to step barefoot on young, green grass. It's time to smell fresh and delicate fragrance of spring air. It's still time for some rainy days, but it's not raining since some time. The ground is arid, it's weeping for some water and the air if dry and dusty!
All has been accelerated, it seams that this year we will have eight seasons instead of four!


Boiled artichokes with lemon drizzle and olive oil - Carciofi sbollentati con una spruzzata di succo di limone e olio di oliva - Kahane artičoke poškropljene limunovim sokom i maslinovim uljem

I'm more able to express my thoughts with images then with words. There is a plenty of things I would like to say, there are many stories to tell, sometimes I even start writing and suddenly I stop, I interrupt words creating the sentence and I go backwards cancelling letter by letter the whole text. Then I open my photo catalogue and I start thinking about the story. The story that I'll tell with the pictures more then with words. Simple story with the simple recipe. Like the one I have prepared now.
I always try to find compromise and to put myself behind my wishes and needs only to fullfil all possible and impossible expectations...crazy me! Trust me, it's insane, I hate myself being like that, but I can change my nature. The spiny one, like these beautiful artichokes.